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The Severn Sound Environmental Association (SSEA)

The Severn Sound Environmental Association (SSEA) is a Joint Municipal Service Board under the Municipal Act (Section 202). It was originally founded in 1997 as a partnership between federal, provincial and municipal partners to support the completion of the Severn Sound Remedial Action Plan (SSRAP) and to provide a local, community-based environmental office in the Severn Sound watershed. The SSEA provides continuing support to the federal and provincial agencies, but particularly to the local municipalities, to sustain environmental quality and to ensure continued protection through wise stewardship of Severn Sound and its tributaries. Our agreement partners include: eight municipalities (Midland , Penetanguishene, Tiny, Tay, Springwater, Oro-Medonte, Georgian Bay and Severn). We also work with many other partners to develop cost effective environmental projects in the Severn Sound area to the benefit of the entire community. The SSEA is also one of the local Source Protection Authorities in the area.

Our Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

What does SSEA Do?

On behalf of the partners, the SSEA office continues to:

  • provide exceptional service to our partners
  • work hard with our partners to make Severn Sound better for generations to come
  • protect and restore waterquality and habitat in Severn Sound
  • monitor the environment, collect and analyze data and share our findings
  • monitor for early warning signs of changes in the Severn Sound environment
  • connect people to the watershed
  • provide environmental advice to our watershed municipalities through land use planning and policy

The success of the Severn Sound Environmental Association and the Remedial Action Plan provides a focal point around common environmental protection needs, bringing together the municipalities and other stakeholders to sustain the Severn Sound area.

What services does the SSEA provide?

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Expert Data Collection & Analysis
  • Report Writing
  • Drinking Water Source Protection – Risk Management Services
  • Municipal planning & policy review & advice
  • Habitat & Natural Heritage Assessments
  • Tree planting & Seedling distribution
  • Biological Expertise (incl. Invasive Species)
  • Remedial Action Plan Commitments
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We see the future… Severn Sound will be the most resilient and thriving Great Lakes watershed.

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At Severn Sound Environmental Association, we are committed to ensuring exceptional​ environmental quality and exemplary stewardship of the Severn Sound area through sound science, collaboration and partnerships.​​

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Our Members

The Severn Sound Environmental Association is a partnership b​etween eight municipalities in the Severn Sound Watershed. Each municipa​lity appoints one person to serve on the SSEA Board. The SSEA Board holds quarterly meetings where managem​ent and review of the business of the SSEA Office occurs.​

Councillor Steffen Walma (Chair)
​Councillor Danielle Alexander (Vice Chair)
Councillor Brian Bochek
​Councillor Suzanne Marchand
Councillor Bill Meridis
Councillor Lori Hutcheson
​Councillor Mark Taylor
Deputy Mayor Barry Norris
​​​​Severn Sound

is a group of bays covering an area of approximately 130 km² and is located in southeastern Georgian Bay, Lake Huron. The Severn Sound Watershed Area covers over 1,000 km².

Our team

Executive Director (ext 200)
Julie Cayley
IT manager/Gis Application Specialist (ext 201)
Lex McPhail
Wetlands and Habitat Biologist (Ext 202)
Michelle Hudolin
Ecosystem Techonologist (ext 203)
Paula Madill
Water Scientist/limnologist (Ext 204)
Melissa Carruthers
Sustainability & Climate Action
Project Coordinator (ext 206)
Jonathon Main
Corporate Administration Coordinator (Ext 207)
Nicole Stott
General Information (ent 207)
General Information
Treasurer [PT] (ext 210)
Judy Limoges
Invasive Species Program Coordinator (Ext 211)
Patrick Jackson
Watershed health specialist (ext 212)
Nikki Priestman
Healthy Soils = Healthy Watersheds Program (email only)
Healthy Soils = Healthy Watersheds Program
Program Assistant
Citizen Science
Source Water protection intern (ext 206)
Kirsten MacLeod
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