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Severn Sound Environmental Association

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Mailing Address:

67 Fourth St.
Midland, ON L4R 3S9

Phone Number:

(705) 527-5166

Fax Number:

(705) 527-5167

Normal Office Hours:

Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM EST

General Inquiries:

​Location of the Severn Sound Environmental Association Office

The SSEA Office is located inside the Park Depot Building at 67 Fourth Street in Midland, Ontario, Canada at the intersection of Fourth and Victoria (North corner). The main entrance to the SSEA Office is on the Victoria Street side of the building. Look for our logo in the front window. The SSEA Office is approximately 125 KM North West of the Highway 400/401 intersection in Toronto, Ontario.



Staff List:

Julie Cayley General Manager (ext 200)
Keith Sherman Risk Mgmt.
Official/Special Projects Officer (ext 206)
Lex McPhail IT Manager/GIS Applications Specialist (ext 201)
Paula Madill Ecosystem Technologist (ext 203)
Michelle Hudolin Wetlands and Habitat Biologist (ext 202)
Aisha Chiandet Water Scientist (ext 204)
Melissa Carruthers Data Management Technician (dial 0)
Carl Lesperance Lead Monitoring Technician (dial 0)

Map showing the lovation of the SSEA Office