Programs & Projects

​SSEA manages several programs and projects that help monitor and promote the ecosystem health of Severn Sound and adjacent areas.

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​SSEA regularly monitors the open waters of Severn Sound and it’s tributaries. Monitoring also extends to groundwater resources of the Severn Sound area.

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Pollution Prevention

​SSEA continuously promotes and is involved in pollution prevention in the Severn Sound through several educational and stewardship based initiatives.

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Public Involvement and Stewardship

​SSEA has a number of programs and services to help engage local residents and organizations in the stewardship of the Severn Sound Watershed area

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Source Water Protection

The Severn Sound Source Protection Authority is facilitated and administered by the SSEA.

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Sustainability Plan

The Severn Sound Sustainability Plan is a vision for the Severn Sound watershed to the year 2050

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Wildlife Habitat

SSEA administers several initiatives to enhance and evaluate wildlife habitat in the Severn Sound Watershed area.

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