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Severn Sound Environmental Association

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In Severn Sound the low water levels, over the past years, have had significant negative effects on shipping, pleasure craft marinas, navigation, shoreline properties and habitat. It is vitally important that we understand the water level fluctuations in Severn Sound in comparison with other points in Georgian Bay-Lake Huron-Lake Michigan. As Midland Harbour is one of the few active federal ports on Georgian Bay, it seemed logical that we have a water level gauge.

The Severn Sound Environmental Association (SSEA) submitted a proposal to install a water level gauge in the Midland Harbour to the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS). CHS took the proposal to the international Great Lakes committee that oversees the network of water level stations around the Great Lakes and the proposal was accepted, provided funding partnership could be arranged.

SSEA joined with CHS, South Georgian Bay - Lake Simcoe Source Water Protection Region, Lower Lakes Towing Ltd., and Unimin Canada Ltd. to design, fabricate and install a water level gauge in Midland Harbour. The Town of Midland is providing space at the Town Dock and hydro for the station. The gauge will provide accurate water level information for all users of Severn Sound waters. Ships entering Midland Harbour will have the best information on fluctuating water levels for safe and economical operation.

Over the long-term CHS will maintain and operate the station to provide internet summaries and instantaneous voice communication. The station can be accessed by visiting the CHS Lake Huron Water Levels web site, where anyone can obtain hourly water levels or by phone - (705) 526-6413 - to hear the instantaneous water level and the high and low water level over the past 12 hours at the Midland gauge. The project will be of great benefit to the community and should serve as an important source of information to commercial shipping and pleasure craft using Midland Harbour for years to come. The data from the station will also be useful for supporting hydraulic models of municipal surface water intake protection zones, for mapping of Severn Sound nearshore habitat and for use in assessing the impact of municipal sewage discharges in Severn Sound.

Visit the Fisheries and Oceans Canada web site for Archived Water level Data.