Penetanguishene Waterfront Park

Penetanguishene Rotary Champlain Wendat Park

Penetang Harbour Cleanup and Habitat Restoration Project

The Penetang Harbour Cleanup and Habitat Restoration Project was a coordinated effort by the Town of Penetanguishene, local community groups and both Federal and Provincial Governments facilitated through the Severn Sound Remedial Action Plan. The project was the result of several years of planning and implementation and resulted in the completion of a three phase project. The phases are 1. the removal of wood debris from a large nearshore area, 2. enhancement of wildlife habitat by constructing wetlands and 3. the treatment of stormwater by constructing a naturalized storm pond.

A two-hectare area of shoreline at the South end of Penetang Harbour provided poor habitat and required remediation. In fall 1994, 4000 m3 of wood debris was removed, restoring fish habitat

In 1995, fish and wildlife habitat was restored in a two-hectare area, on shore, in the waterfront park, near the wood debris removal site. An existing drainage channel in the park was also rehabilitated to improve fish habitat.

In 1999 a wetland was constructed at the waterfront, just south of the Main Street sewage treatment plant, and treats stormwater from a catchment area coming from the downtown commercial and residential core.

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