Penetanguishene Wood Removal


In the fall of 1992, a seiche lowered the water level of Severn Sound by one meter exposing several hectares of degraded fish habitat (approximately 300 m x 200 m) in the shallow nearshore area of Penetang Bay. Logs, wood slabs and sawdust was covering the area. In 1994, a remediation strategy was put in place in order to remove the wood wastes from the most impaired area of Penetanguishene’s nearshore. Following workshops, public and technical meetings and calls for proposals from dredging contractors, a removal demonstration plan was designed.

Operations started in October 1994 and included the removal of larger and finer wood wastes, transport to the temporary holding facility and mechanical screening of the removed material

The project also included the demonstration of an innovative sediment removal technology, brought to Penetanguishene from the Netherlands, called the Visor Grab. Results have indicated that approximately 4,000 m3 of wood wastes was removed from the bay using both conventional and innovative removal technologies. No adverse effects to the surrounding environment was noted. Results from the demonstration of the Visor Grab indicate that additional testing is required on a modified bucket, more adapted to North America’s environmental conditions.

Report on Wood Pile Removal Phase, Pelletier, J.P., March 1996. ( 0.6 MB)

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