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Provincial Groundwater Monitoring Network in the Severn Sound Area

Severn Sound Environmental Association (SSEA) has been participating in the Provincial Groundwater Monitoring Network (PGMN) for the past five years. The Ontario PGMN is a partnership between the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (OMOECC), 36 conservation authorities and 10 municipalities. The objective of the network is to collect and manage baseline groundwater level and quality information from key aquifers across Ontario. The PGMN program uses a standardized approach to monitor the 474 wells in the province wide system (February 2010). 

Why do we monitor groundwater level and quality

Monitoring groundwater levels and quality helps to set baseline conditions and to assess how groundwater is affected by land and water use. It identifies trends, emerging issues and provides a base for making informed resource management decisions.

How does the partnership work?

In the Severn Sound area, the PGMN is a formal partnership agreement between MOE and the SSEA. MOE is responsible for coordination, data analysis/reporting, maintaining the Provincial Groundwater Monitoring Information System (PGMIS) and training staff. SSEA is responsible for the field operations including the maintenance of field equipment, collection of water levels data and water samples, and the completion of technical reports on local levels and quality.

How is the information used?

Information generated by the PGMN provides vital baseline data for the development and implementation of water management programs and activities. The programs and activities include: source protection plans, nutrient management plans, water taking application reviews, drought response decisions and resolution of groundwater interference complaints.

For more information about the PGMN and the Provincial Groundwater Monitoring Information System visit: OMOECC Provincial Groundwater Monitoring Network